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Plot: 20.000 s.q.m

Living Area: 400 s.q.m.

Style: Modern-Minimalist.

Sleeps: 10

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5

From “St Josep” of Ibiza, on the “carretera” that takes to “Es Vedra”, overshadowing as much as famous rock of 350 meters, from always aim of pilgrimage of kings and leaders, magicians and charmers, hippies and v.i.p., discretely lay down on the top of the hill, that faces to the most famous sunset of Europe, animated from the equally famous and fashionable resort “ Cafè del Mar ”, it’s born in the respect of the environment.

Can Nicole

Balanced volumes in perfect harmony between them, emphasized by the designer Gianfranco Bortolotti, wit a careful research of materials and colours, substantial modifications to the central house-body to try and make them even more invisible in the surrounding maritime pine trees and fat plants of the typical vegetation of the Baleari Islands.

The final purpose was to camouflage at it’s most, the rigorous cube-shape that characterize this peacefulness oasis and for this reason the colours chosen, is the one of the military fortifications of the line Maginot, used by the Germans during the second world war to hide from the allies bombing.

The idea is born from the emotion that, the only line curve of the whole project, that is the perimeter wall of the house to mold an “S” , lay down and sweetly extended; gives to the guests coming up from the parching of the lower level house.

A wall, a boarding line between the pine forest and the religious “square shape” of the project..

The meeting point between the deep unquiet soul of the wood, metaphor of our unconscious, and the rational serenity of the opera birth from the mind of the designers.

The choice of using stainless-steel for the only door that interrupt the linearity of this wall, to the aim of accentuate the importance of this gateway from two worlds so far to each other, and at the same time so entangled.

It’s a refuge of peace, where escape from the stress of times, at just one hour of flight from all the European capital city.

Can Nicole must be always ready to greet and coddle his owner and his guests, for this reason, the choice of using the cements in there different manufacturing, for a maintenance more simple, more parsimonious and again to make evident the contrast by the never explored nature and the rationality of the technology, and to amalgamate at the same time with sage use of lights and colours.

Therefore are in concrete resin the inside pavements of the house and of the guests rooms, whilst a tape of spatula concrete, that along the perimeter of the house seems like a lifted runway, connect the guests area to the swimming pool; this consent the guests to enter in there rooms, without wetting the living lounge, and ideally units the garden “zen” obtained at the east of the central house-body, with the bar carved at the end of the swimming-pool that enables the guests to sip an aperitif in front of a spectacular nature, that leaves breathless.

A garden with red, grey and white coloured stones; minimal art; zen, in the shade of two secular pine trees, and a ball-chair to swing in the shade, repaired from the summer sultriness and recover in that emptyness, in that silence, in that delicate movement , the interest and the infancy curiosity.

Completely absorbed in reading, or in the meditation, forgetting the day-to-day matters, out of those walls, protected by that properly camouflaged wood, it’s at the end, the reason why we came in this paradise of Ibiza.

A dive in the pool, before setting up a barbecue, under the shade of the pagoda that dominate the pool-area; by the side of the pool, previously blue, now acid-green colour, that matches with the variety of cactus from the garden.

It’s very hot in Ibiza at 2pm, the sun is perpendicular above us,and the temperature is tropical, but a refreshing delicate breeze that coil from the sea, and the homemade wine, produced in the small wine yard at the south of the house, refreshes and prepare to the inevitable “siesta” or, for the most spoilt, to the sunbathing.

Under the pine shade, in the room, or lay on the edge of the pool, on attend for a more lenient hour; only than, at just 15 km from this splendid paradise, the little town of Ibiza, with it’s very reach little markets , and the unnumbered shops, welcomes for the daily shopping, the gossip, the aperitifs, the walk through the narrow streets, and the castle walls of the castle, that overlook the harbour.

To nuzzle in the huge sofa by “Edra”, just like on the oversized bed in cement; the sliding glass doors, let us be caressed during the day by   the breeze coming from the sea, and in the

night from the cooler coming down from the hill that overwhelm the house, is very pleasant.

The silence, interrupt just by the rumours of the animals living in the pine-wood; hoot owl, squirrels, hares, all kind of birds, and,   some times   from   distance, a   cock-crow at the

bright full moon, that arise from behind the bare- peak of “Sa Taleta” , and enlighten all of a charming clear whiteness.

In the central house-body, since the previous project, but enriched by the sage use of black coloured corian, the cavern of a cove, an oversized bath, that dominate the bed-room with a floor-level bathtub for two persons, and a shower also carve out in the pavement.

Two large independent washbasins and a cloak-room complete the night area of the central hose-body that, thanks to an enormous sliding wooden door, can be divided from the rest of the house in favour of the owners cosiness. The splendid “zen” garden, and the moonrise will be the frame certainly pleasant.

The kitchen is carve-out in the cement pathway that runs along the perimeter of the south side of the house.

In the direction of the pagoda and the swimming pool, the kitchen, that, in case of need can be completely open, has in front an opportune corridor in “teak” wood that, through the barbecue area, privileges the table service in the pagoda.

Under the pool’s bar, , overlooking the sunset, with a large terrace in teak wood, completely in dependent, is   “the Suite”

Subsequently designed by Gianfranco Bortolotti, in a widening structural prospect of the house, in the respect of the geometries, and of the colours of the rest of the building; but with a wider completely cemented bath, and more equipped, takes advantages from it’s strategic location to practically offer the guest the comfort of a large private garden.

From the 40.000 mt2 of the property, in fact, 3000 mt2 have been fenced with the purpose to avoid the access to the house by wild animals or by the numerous pack of   hare’s hunting dogs, that every year , on the hunting season opening, are running on the hills.

The structure is completed by two other bedrooms overlooking the small tidy wine yard, separate from the central house-body by a large red fishes bathtub (each one named), and provided of an independent entrance, located on the opposite side of the “Suite”.

Beds in cement, baths and showers gently refined in black colored corian , wide windowglass and a long terrace in spatula- concrete; the choise of the butterfly chairs also in black material, as a furnishing complement.

In the master bath, Rietveld “Zig Zag” white chairs, and “Butterffly” stools by “Noguchi” in white wood complete the furnishing.

Beside the oversized sofa by “Edra” in pearl grey colour, a table in corian, also in grey colour , with the glass top, designed by “Gianfranco Bortolotti”, and four “Panton” chairs grey as well, are blending with the grey resin floor.

In the kitchen dominates the great reversed “L” in stainless steel and the “Eams” stools in yellow colour; on the background the awesome glass wardrobe enlighten with “Interlubke” fiber optics.

By the swimming pool and on the suite’s terrace, Richard Schultz sunbeds   and beach umbrellas by “Gandia Blasco”, and finally, in the service bath another “Butterfly” stool by “Noguchi”.

The lights, style model “Plano” by “Simes” ; in steel on the garden, and Quadra of “ViaBizzuno” in the house and on the terraces are fulfilling the scenography of “Can Nicole”


Situated in the west off the road to Cala D’Hort and Cala Vadella The nearest beach is Cala Vadella.

Airport is 20 mins.

Ibiza Town is 25 mins.

San Jose is 10 mins.

Rental Information

  • Check In4:00 PM
  • Check Out10:00 AM
  • Max Guests10
  • Min Stay7 nights

Property Features

  • Air conditioning
  • BBQ Garden
  • DVD
  • Parking
  • Safe
  • Satellite plasma TV
  • Sea views
  • Swimming pool
  • Wifi

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